About Forgive4Peace

forgiveness-doveOUR HISTORY

world forgivenessIn 2008 a group of  women seeking to become agents of change in a world plagued by suffering, founded Possumus International.  With over 50 years of combined experience in business and the non-profit sector each was convinced that it was forgiveness that would bring more peace into the world. By 2014, the forgiveness message was starting to take root and Possumus International emerged to do business as Forgive4Peace, because Forgive4Peace says it all.  Our forgiveness education efforts have already reached North and Central America, Europe and Africa. Today we offer:

  • creative projects world-wide that foster peace through forgiveness education
  • essay competitions that encourage adolescents to reflect on empathy and the benefits of forgiveness

Our efforts, both domestically and internationally, foster peace in all realms of life.  Forgive4Peace partners with other educational entities such as The International Forgiveness InstituteGrace Network International, and Fundación del Valle.

forgiveness-doveOUR MISSION

The Forgive4Peace mission is to promote forgiveness education at home, at school and at work for the sake of world peace.  Forgiveness fills the gap between our world’s unrest and world peace. All education fosters peace. Forgiveness education brings peace.

If you wish to see your yearnings for peace turned into reality, Join Forgive4Peace as we work together to teach the art and science of forgiveness in order to bring more peace to hearts and homes and the whole human family!  You too can be agents of change for a better world.